About us

Empowering Creators' Potential

Influencers active on SNS, illustrators and voice actors, to planners and editors, there are many talented creators who can create things.
Especially in an age where anyone can send out information on the Internet, an environment has been created where creators who have never seen the light of day before can easily become active.
We would like to help such talented creators to be evaluated properly and be paid appropriately.

Humanistic Marketing

With "massively generated creative" and "AI optimized operations," I believe it is becoming easier and easier to optimize marketing effectiveness that can be seen in numbers every year.
It is precisely because we live in such an age that we want to pursue marketing that emphasizes "why".
We would like to develop our business by emphasizing the meaning and story behind "why" and "how" we communicate with consumers, and by focusing on marketing that has a heart and soul.


Influencer Marketing

We support promotions using KOLs and game players.

Cartoon Video Production

We produce content for YouTube distribution and cartoon videos for advertising use.

Production of WEB CM / WEB Advertising

Planning and production of WEB CM, shooting and editing of materials for advertising.

YouTube Channel Operation / Consultation

We provide YouTube channel management and consulting services.

Influencer Marketing

From KOLs belonging to production companies to freelance KOLs, we propose the best planning from our network of more than 1,000 creators.



We will listen to the client's promotional objectives, select creators that match the objectives, and propose a plan.



After confirming the specific appeal of the product, we will direct the creators to produce the video.



The completed content will be published on the creator's SNS account.



We analyze the distribution results in detail. Not only do we analyze the number of views and downloads, but we also analyze the factors that led to those results.



Based on the results of the analysis, we will improve the operation of the next promotion so that it can be more effective.

Agent contract

As a contact point for corporate projects, we will support creators from a business perspective. Our sales team will actively introduce you to each client as a contracted agent creator.

Creative Support

Depending on the creator's wishes, we will support the creator's activities by analyzing the channel's performance and conducting market research.

Media appearances & tie-up projects

We are the point of contact for corporate tie-up projects, from price negotiation to schedule management. As this is not a production contract, we do not place any restrictions on your day-to-day activities.

Cartoon Video Production

We produce cartoon videos. We operate our own original cartoon video channel, collaborative channels, and produce cartoon videos for advertising.
Using our network of over 100 freelance cartoonists and voice actors, we can assign creators according to usage.

Production of WEB CM / WEB Advertising

We plan and produce WEB CM featuring celebrities and influencers, and shoot materials (video and still images) for advertising.
Depending on the quality required by your budget, we will assign a shooting staff.

YouTube Channel Operation / Consultation

We operate our clients' YouTube channels on their behalf and provide consulting services.
We do KPI analysis, identify issues, and propose improvement plans.
We can also conduct market research and collaborate as needed.


Name iBraid, inc. Established 4/20/2016
Representative Yasuo Tsumaki Address #414 Brillia Oyama ParkFront,
19-1 Oyama Nishicho,
Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 173-0033
Business Overview Influencer Marketing
Cartoon Video Production
Production of WEB CM / WEB Advertising
YouTube Channel Operation / Consultation